Website Security Services

WordPress Maintenance and Security Package

WordPress is a very popular website content management system which makes it a great choice for many businesses. It is very important to keep your WordPress-powered website up to date with all of the latest security updates.

All of our WordPress hosting packages include daily backups with 14 day retention. We offer several packages to keep your WordPress site running securely and to optimize the speed of your site.

Package 1: WordPress maintenance package: $20/mo

Weekly checking and updates as necessary:

  1. Apply WordPress security updates and version upgrades
  2. Update WordPress plugins and themes

Package 2: WordPress security and maintenance package: $75/mo

In addition to the security updates we recommend a daily scan for malware as well as external monitoring and admin dashboard protection.
Daily checking and updates as necessary:
  1. Apply WordPress security updates and version upgrades
  2. Daily site malware check and remediation
  3. Update WordPress plugins and themes
  4. Monitoring of Google alerts about your site content or malware
  5. Automatically blocking any unauthorized attempts to access your WordPress dashboard through password guessing
  6. SSL/TLS (https:) protection of your WordPress admin area plus optional https: for entire site
  7. Monthly security assesment scan report

Package 3: WordPress performance optimization: $400 initial + $40/mo

The performance of your website has a a lot to do with whether visitors will continue to view your content or move on to a faster site.  Many WordPress sites can benefit from tuning which will provide the fastest performance and visitor satisfaction.
  1. Review all WordPress configuration settings and optimize for best performance
  2. Utilize website performance testing to identify potential bottlenecks and adjustments needed
  3. WordPress maintenance package 1 above
  4. Content delivery network (CDN) for fastest possible visitor experience
Website Security

Your website is a critical part of your business. Hackers, spammers, and fraudsters are constantly trying to break in to all websites, regardless of your company size. Often it is an automated malware system that tries to breach websites using common techniques. Many websites use similar software structure and so these automated attacks may be able to break in to sites that are not kept up to date. Your information may be stolen, customer data taken, or your site can be defaced or serve as a distribution point for malware, spam, etc.

We provide a number of defenses at the server and network level to protect customer websites. However we do not have control over the software used on your website. To help out customers, we offer a number of security assessment and protection services.

We offer a website security assessment using a state-of-the-art software scanner. This program will check for many known and potential vulnerabilities on your website. We produce a report listing all issues found along with recommendations for remediation.

Cost for the security assessment is $500.00 for a one time scan, or $50/mo for a monthly scan with an annual committment.