Administrative Contact Information

The handle of the administrative head of the organization in section 3 or this person's name, postal address, phone number, organization, and network emailbox. This is the contact point for administrative and policy questions about the domain.

Tela customers note: If you have a NIC handle (use the Whois service to find your handle), you may omit items 4b-4j and the information from Whois will be used.

NOTE: The key people must have electronic mailboxes (even if in the domain being registered) and "handles" (unique InterNIC database identifiers). If you have access to "WHOIS", please check to see if the contacts are registered and if so, include only the handle and changes (if any) that need to be made in the entry. If you do not have access to "WHOIS", please provide all the information indicated and a handle will be assigned.

If you do not have an Emailbox for the contact, use a mailbox in the new domain name such as "user@domain.dom" (use the new domain name).